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α-Conotoxin Peptidomimetics: Probing the Minimal Binding Motif for Effective Analgesia

Authors Adam C. Kennedy, Alessia Belgi, Benjamin W. Husselbee, David Spanswick, Ray S. Norton, Andrea J. Robinson Published Toxins Graphical abstract   Abstract Several analgesic α-conotoxins have been isolated from marine cone snails. Structural modification of native peptides has provided … Continue reading

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Alkyne-Bridged α-Conotoxin Vc1.1 Potently Reverses Mechanical Allodynia in Neuropathic Pain Models

Authors Alessia Belgi, James V. Burnley, Christopher A. MacRaild, Sandeep Chhabra, Khaled A. Elnahriry, Samuel D. Robinson, Simon G. Gooding, Han-Shen Tae, Peter Bartels, Mahsa Sadeghi, Fei-Yue Zhao, Haifeng Wei, David Spanswick, David J. Adams, Ray S. Norton, Andrea. J. … Continue reading

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Dicarba Analogues of α-Conotoxin RgIA. Structure, Stability and Activity at Potential Pain Targets

Authors Sandeep Chhabra, Alessia Belgi, Peter Bartels, Bianca van Lierop, Samuel D. Robinson, Shiva N. Kompella, Andrew Hung, Brid P. Callaghan, David J. Adams, Andrea J. Robinson and Raymond S. Norton Published Journal of Medicinal Chemistry Graphical abstract   Abstract … Continue reading

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Dicarba α‐Conotoxin Vc1.1 Analogues with Differential Selectivity for Nicotinic Acetylcholine and GABAB Receptors

Authors Bianca J. van Lierop, Samuel D. Robinson, Shiva N. Kompella, Alessia Belgi, 
Jeffrey R. McArthur, Andrew Hung, Christopher A. MacRaild, David J. Adams, Raymond S. Norton and Andrea J. Robinson Published  ACS Chemical Biology Graphical abstract   Abstract Conotoxins … Continue reading

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