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Cross-metathesis of Brønsted acid-masked alkenyl amines with acrylates for the synthesis of polyamide monomers

Authors Szabolcs Solyom, Nicolas Daniel Spiccia, Clint Peter Woodward, William Roy Jackson, Andrea Jane Robinson Published Journal of Organic Chemistry Graphical abstract Abstract Ruthenium-alkylidene catalyzed cross metathesis of a range of homologous alkenylamine salts provides expedient and high yielding routes to commercially valuable polyamide … Continue reading

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Combinatorial Approach for the Rapid Determination of Thermochromic Behavior of Binary and Ternary Cholesteric Liquid Crystalline Mixtures

Authors Louise C. van der Werff, Andrea J. Robinson and Ilias L. Kyratzis Published ACS Combinatorial Science Graphical abstract   Abstract A combinatorial approach was developed for the rapid 
determination of thermochromic behavior of a large number of binary 
and … Continue reading

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Thermochromic composite fibres containing liquid crystals formed via melt extrusion

Authors Louise van der Werff, Ilias Louis Kyratzis, Andrea Robinson, Robin Cranston, Gary Peeters, Mike O’Shea and Lance Nichols Published Journal of Material Science Graphical abstract   Abstract Temperature-sensitive fibres and textiles can be applied to a variety of medical … Continue reading

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