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Divergent Approach to a Family of Tyrosine-Derived Ru−Alkylidene Olefin Metathesis Catalysts

Authors Ellen C. Gleeson, Zhen J. Wang, W. Roy Jackson, and Andrea J. Robinson Published Journal of Organic Chemistry Graphical abstract   Abstract A simple and generic approach to access a new family of Ru−alkylidene olefin metathesis catalysts with specialized … Continue reading

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A one-pot selective homodimerisation/hydrogenation strategy for sequential dicarba bridge formation

Authors James Burnley, W. Roy Jackson and Andrea J. Robinson Published Journal of Organic Chemistry Graphical abstract   Abstract The installation of interlocked dicarba bridges into peptide sequences requires the development of regioselective and chemoselective methodology. This manuscript describes a one-pot, … Continue reading

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A Simple and Practical Preparation of an Efficient Water Soluble Olefin Metathesis Catalyst

Authors Zhen J. Wang and W. Roy Jackson and Andrea J. Robinson Published Green Chemistry Graphical abstract     Abstract This study details homogeneous olefin metathesis in water catalysed by a di-ammonium functionalised Ru-alkylidene complex. A facile gram scale synthesis of … Continue reading

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