Thermochromic composite fibres containing liquid crystals formed via melt extrusion

Authors Louise van der Werff, Ilias Louis Kyratzis, Andrea Robinson, Robin Cranston, Gary Peeters, Mike O’Shea and Lance Nichols
Published Journal of Material Science
Graphical abstract  Thermochromic

Temperature-sensitive fibres and textiles can be applied to a variety of medical and engineering thermal mapping applications. A three-layered composite fibre has been generated via a modified wire-coating melt co-extrusion process. The continuous fibre consists of a thermochromic liquid crystalline (TLC) layer encapsulated between a transparent polypropylene outer sheath and a black poly-ether ether ketone inner core. The fibres exhibit clear thermochromic behaviour consistent with the behaviour of unincorporated TLCs, and have been formed into a textile.

Citation L. van der Werff, I. L. Kyratzis, A. Robinson, R. Cranston, G. Peeters, M. O’Shea, L. Nichols, J. Mater. Sci., 2013, 48, 5005–5011.
Pdf Article
Doi DOI 10.1007/s10853-013-7287-8
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