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A Simple and Practical Preparation of an Efficient Water Soluble Olefin Metathesis Catalyst

Authors Zhen J. Wang and W. Roy Jackson and Andrea J. Robinson Published Green Chemistry Graphical abstract     Abstract This study details homogeneous olefin metathesis in water catalysed by a di-ammonium functionalised Ru-alkylidene complex. A facile gram scale synthesis of … Continue reading

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A Concise Cross-Metathesis Route to Enantiopure 1-Azaspirocycles

Authors Zhen James Wang, Nicolas Daniel Spiccia, Christopher James Gartshore, Jayamini Illesinghe, William Roy Jackson and Andrea Jane Robinson Published Synthesis Graphical abstract   Abstract The 1-azaspirocyclic ring system can be found in a number of bioactive natural product families. … Continue reading

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Combinatorial Approach for the Rapid Determination of Thermochromic Behavior of Binary and Ternary Cholesteric Liquid Crystalline Mixtures

Authors Louise C. van der Werff, Andrea J. Robinson and Ilias L. Kyratzis Published ACS Combinatorial Science Graphical abstract   Abstract A combinatorial approach was developed for the rapid 
determination of thermochromic behavior of a large number of binary 
and … Continue reading

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A one pot, metathesis–hydrogenation sequence for the selective formation of carbon–carbon bonds

Authors Andrea J. Robinson, Jomana Elaridi, Jim Patel and W. Roy Jackson Published Chemical Communications Graphical abstract   Abstract The selective formation of C–C bonds in complex molecules is one of the major challenges in organic chemistry. Olefin metathesis provides … Continue reading

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