Combinatorial Approach for the Rapid Determination of Thermochromic Behavior of Binary and Ternary Cholesteric Liquid Crystalline Mixtures

Authors Louise C. van der Werff, Andrea J. Robinson and Ilias L. Kyratzis
Published ACS Combinatorial Science
Graphical abstract  



A combinatorial approach was developed for the rapid 
determination of thermochromic behavior of a large number of binary 
and ternary sterol based thermochromic liquid crystalline formulations. This approach 
allowed expedient examination of the thermochromic behavior for a large range of liquid crystal formulations. The accuracy of the rapid combinatorial technique was validated on selected thermochromic liquid crystal mixture compositions by comparing well thermochromic output with that observed using UV−vis spectroscopy on gram quantities of material.

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Citation L. C. van der Werff, A. J. Robinson, I. L. Kyratzis, ACS Combinatorial Science, 2012, 14(11), 605-12.
Doi DOI: 10.1021/co3000874
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